Goals and objectives are defined from the start and accountability are built into all aspects of the project. Moving forward without a solid plan will cause failure for any project.

Many organizations do not have the expertise or knowledge to design and plan projects. Their IT group are skilled in maintaining and managing the existing network infrastructure, not network design or project planning. Additionally, as new technologies emerge, it becomes difficult to stay abreast on the latest innovations. Typically, companies will bring in an outside IT group to provide the design and implementation plan for a new project. This is where Southern Networks can be an asset to your organization.

Southern Sky Technologies has worked with many IT groups on many small and large-scale projects. Our team assists organizations with the formulation and execution of a plan for design, implementation, or both. We will gather information about goals and expectations and understand what direction you want your company to follow. We take that information and give you a detailed plan of execution that will ensure a successful project.


Infrastructure upgrades & deployments require detailed planning.

Infrastructure projects are doomed to fail without proper planning. Stakeholders in the organization require IT operations to be stable and predictable. Projects that are not properly planned result in disarray in company operations and significant downtime. These missteps come at considerable expense to the organization in not only revenue but also lost opportunity.

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Issue Detection and Visibility

Without a sound plan, integrating new technology into an existing network infrastructure can have devastating effects on uptime, reliability, and security. Most organizations do not have the expertise to design and plan for new technology integrations. This ensures that, when new technology is implemented, goals and expectation will not be met and network health will suffer.

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