technology emerges, many IT groups find it difficult to stay current with the industry changes. Applying that technology to the current IT infrastructure can be a challenge. Building a solid plan to integrate new technologies is a major key to success. Outsourcing that plan to a knowledgeable and experienced team can be the critical factor that determines that success.


    Without a sound plan, integrating new technology into an existing network infrastructure can have devastating effects on uptime, reliability, and security. Most organizations do not have the expertise to design and plan for new technology integrations. This ensures that, when new technology is implemented, goals and expectation will not be met and network health will suffer.


    Southern Sky Technologies first works with companies to set realistic goals and expectations. With our thorough understanding of the latest technology, we can help to build a solid integration plan. This plan will set objectives and goals for the project and provides key milestones to help guide the integrator and inform the project manager overseeing the integration of the technology.