Protect Your Patient’s Data

    The healthcare industry is the recipient of numerous innovations both scientific and technical and when they converge, they can both help patients and also put them at risk. Protecting patient data and the networks that carry that information requires a knowledgeable team to help organizations keep current on and adhere to government regulations, manage network security, create comprehensive policies, and effectively respond to incidents.

    Southern Sky Technologies has over 17 years of experience and is a trusted name in healthcare security. We work as a partner and take on the responsibility of managing your healthcare security requirements. We understand the risks that medical offices face, and we have the solutions to defend against them. We are a process-driven organization which means we provide a consistently high level of service and utilize a dynamic approach that incorporates new, proven technologies.

    Trust The Company That Puts HIPPA Compliance First

    Successful medical offices take an active role in patient care which extends to safeguarding protected health information (PHI) through HIPAA. While HIPAA protection provides peace of mind to patients, compliance requires policy-focused tasks that can be difficult to interpret and time-consuming to implement. However, mitigating risk and effectively managing the technical and policy side of healthcare can be accomplished if you choose the right partner.

    Southern Sky Technologies works alongside your normal business processes in a way that frees staff time so that your office maintains productivity. We assume the role of Chief Information Officer and work in all aspects of HIPAA compliance including managing the required technical, physical, and administrative safeguards. From creating policies that cover privacy, security, and breach notifications to conducting risk assessments to implementing Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), we are highly experienced and work to reduce risk and protect against HIPAA violations.

    Southern Networks offers more than IT solutions for HIPAA compliance because we are HIPAA compliant. Like you, we are required to meet the same standards and keep current on regulation updates. So, you can be sure we will be proactive in safeguarding your systems.

    Reduce Your Risk With Solid IT Management

    The role of data and network security within medical offices is becoming increasingly important each year. There are HIPAA regulations to follow, policies to create, and technology solutions to implement. Working with an experienced organization like Southern Networks is a solid investment that will provide increased returns and reduced risk. We combine our knowledge of the healthcare security landscape with industry best practices to provide a number of services including:

    • Risk Assessment
    • Firewall and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Management


    • Access Restriction via Group Policies (GPOs)


    • Cloud and Mobile Computing Security


    • Policy Audits


    • Data Security Encryption


    • Security Breach and Log Monitoring/Log Management via Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)


    • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software


    Protecting your patients’ information is critical to the success of your business. We understand that which is why we go well beyond our commitment as a technology solutions provider and are thorough in our approach and implementation. We work as a security leader in your organization and take a 360-degree approach to secure your networks. You’ll find few IT service providers who have our level of knowledge and experience in healthcare security.

    Work with a partner that understands all aspects of healthcare data and network security.