The energy industry has experienced renewed growth and with that growth comes the technology that drives it. Specialized software tools are needed to keep pace with this expanding market and those tools can be complex to setup and support. Additionally, there are many field workers who need access to critical systems. There is a need for a unique skillset that can support IT operations within this industry. This requires direct experience with energy-specific software and tools that are needed to drive the company forward.




    • Software is to specialized to support


    • Setup and installation is to complex


    • remote users are not easily supported




    • Experience with energy industry-specific software and tools


    • Knowledgeable IT support engineers who have worked with the software vendors


    • Remote access tools and optional remote onsite support


    Exploration Software Support

    Energy exploration requires a modest investment in hardware platforms, software tools, and applications. One critical component that brings these together is supporting these systems. Vendors will support the software or hardware as a warranty or bug fixes/software updates. Southern Networks working with the vendors to ensure all components are working together in a seamless manner.Data must be archived and stored for immediate access, updates need to be applied, and troubleshooting usually needs to happen within these systems. The capital investment in these systems is not small. Companies must ensure these systems are running optimally. Downtime significantly increases costs and slows down all Geology operations.


    Southern Sky Technologies specializes in the support of energy exploration software tools and systems. Our experienced network engineers can troubleshoot frontline issues without calling for vendor support. If a vendor support call is necessary, we work seamlessly with them to correct any problems encountered.


    Remote Technical Support

    Remote support is critical when users are in the field and away from the office. When communications are down or a user can’t access a critical application or service, it is nearly impossible to get support for that user away from the office.


    Remote user’s technical problems become critical since there is not usually a local resource to help support them. These issues can grind field operations to a halt, or at least severely impact productivity. Southern Networks leverages remote support tools to quickly diagnose and correct issues with remote users, no matter their location.