All companies need network security. If they did not have it, sensitive data would be exposed to anyone who wants to see it and the data could get compromised or corrupted. Some of the ramifications to little or no network security are:

    • Social Security Numbers are exposed with other vital employee information


    • Private Health Information (PHI) is open to anyone, which is a violation of HIPAA guidelines


    • Proprietary company data can be deleted


    • Data can be changed by others with no way of knowing who has made the change


    • Virus infected system run very slowly and cause great inefficiencies with employees


    • Ransomware can hold your data hostage without the assurance that you will ever get it back


    Security covers many aspects of a network. Any complete IT security policy should have as many network components protected as possible. These include all desktops and servers, Internet connections, and remote access, just to name a few. Only a thorough understanding of how IT security works and the knowledge and experience to implement it correctly can protect an organization.

    Do not let just any IT person be responsible for your IT security. Only experienced and knowledgeable security experts can help you protect your valuable data assets. Contact Southern Networks today to learn more about securing your organization with our ThreatBlock Security Services.