Deploying server, desktops or applications takes resources.  The larger the deployment, the more help you need.  Deploying desktops or applications usually means more than just physically installing equipment or software.  It encompasses the initial design, configuration, and finally, deployment of the entire system.Deploying new systems often puts an additional burden on the existing IT group. Additionally, designing the correct deployment strategy and establishing the correct configuration takes experience. Deployment projects are prone to failure if a clear established process is not followed to ensure its success.

    Southern Sky Technologies has built a solid, proven process for the deployment of hardware and software systems. Southern Networks was founded primarily to deploy and support hardware and software systems in a variety of customer environments. While we have expanded our service offerings, we still maintain a core competency of ensuring an effective and proven deployment strategy.

    As part of that strategy, we ensure:


    • A strong initial design of the deployment


    • A thorough and tested configuration of the entire system


    • A layered deployment with accountability and Quality Assurance checks