Microsoft has taken a bold step and a new direction with their products and solutions. No longer just a software company, Microsoft has “cloud-enabled” their products and now offers nearly all of their products as a “cloud-based” solution. Microsoft Azure allows customers to dynamically scale their infrastructure based upon resource needs. For example, if a customer needs to quickly and seamlessly turn up two new servers, this can be done with a few click of a mouse button. This flexibility gives customers an enormous amount of power and control of their infrastructure and doesn’t require any capital expense to meet these needs. You can truly pay-as-you-go.


    Cloud-based services, such as Microsoft Azure, eliminates the need for an on-premise servers. All hardware and software live in the Azure cloud. All data gets stored there, too. Additionally, upgrades are automatic and there are not any large capital expenses for your server infrastructure.


    Southern Sky Technologies helps customers with their decision to move completely to the cloud or integrate existing infrastructure into a hybrid cloud solution. Our Microsoft certified team of engineers will seamlessly integrate and transition customers with existing infrastructure to a Microsoft Azure cloud solution. With our guidance, customers experience the advantages a cloud service, such as Microsoft Azure can offer their organization.