As technology moves forward, many software vendors have started moving their applications and services into the “cloud”. Microsoft is no different and has taken significant steps to move their products into cloud-based offerings. One of those products, Microsoft Office, has been integrated into a single product called Microsoft Office365.

    Microsoft Office365 or, O365 as it is sometimes known, packages all of the Microsoft Office Suite along with Microsoft Exchange hosted email into a single cloud-based offering. Microsoft has packaged this as a pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows customers to increase or decrease licenses based upon current customer needs.

    There are many advantages to using the Office365 compared to the more traditional on-premise model. Below is a small comparison of the features of each:

    Southern Sky Technologies has been a Microsoft Partner since our company’s inception. Our team has easily adapted to all of the industry changes in technology, and transition to the “cloud” is no different. With many customers moving to Office365, Southern Networks has been a key partner in helping adopt cloud-based solutions into existing network infrastructure.